If you remember a couple of weeks ago we brought you a story about the tragic passing of a large humpback whale named Chunk that died after getting entangled in fishing gear in Casco Bay.

Center for Coastal Studies Director of Humpback Whale Studies, Jooke Robbins, told the news station in part,

"She was at least 10 years old when she died. Yeah, this is something that's hit us pretty hard. This whale, in particular, was one that was really, really well known, and really loved. So, just from a public point of view, it's a tremendously sad event. But it is also one that's highlighting the unfortunate things that these whales face."

However, we have now learned that this isn't the end of the road for ol' Chunk. According to an article from News Center Maine, following the autopsy of the 38-foot-whale, it was decided that the whale's remains would be taken to Benson Farm in Gorham where he will be turned into fertilizer.

He was transported in the middle of the night with a police escort to the Gorham farm. There, he will be covered with sawdust, manure and other carbons to be broken down into fertalizer.

What's his fate after that? Well, we can only assume that he may end up mixed into a vegetable garden somewhere, right? So, will we end up ingesting this big ol' whale?


Benson Farm employee, Erica Hale, said about Chunk,

“You know, even when it’s here, it’s a very majestic animal. Working with Marine Mammals of Maine and the other bodies that came and were a part of this—they’re very respectful, very professional, very thorough. They had a moment of silence for the whale before they began working on it to do the investigation." 

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