One of the best parts about living in Maine is the diversity in wildlife that we get to experience on a daily basis. From moose, deer, bears and muskrats, to sea creatures like turtles, seals and even whales, you can always count on an adventure when you seek animals out in Maine.

And it's not just people who live here who have a soft-spot for our wonderful wildlife. Each and every year, tourists from around the world flock to Maine to experience our beauty, food and wildlife. One of the most popular of summertime activities are the Cap'n Fish's Whale Watches out of famous Boothbay Harbor.

Sadly, however, one of Maine's most beloved giant mammals has died. According to an article published by WGME 13, a popular coastal humpback whale named Chunk, was found entangled in fishing nets of the coast of Cape Elizabeth.

By the time Maine Marine Patrol had arrived on the scene, the whale had tragically passed away. An autopsy is now underway to determine what the cause of death was. Additionally, a secondary investigation into the fishing gear is also happening concurrently, WGME reported.

Center for Coastal Studies Director of Humpback Whale Studies, Jooke Robbins, told the news station in part,

"She was at least 10 years old when she died. Yeah, this is something that's hit us pretty hard. This whale, in particular, was one that was really, really well known, and really loved. So, just from a public point of view, it's a tremendously sad event. But it is also one that's highlighting the unfortunate things that these whales face."

Scott Landry, who is with the Center for Coastal Studies, told WGME 13 in part,

"The autopsy, necropsy, that's underway right now is going to be looking at the manner of her death and then a second investigation will be looking at the gear. It was, essentially, desperate measures that had to be taken to disentangle her. She had no idea we were trying to help her out. She just wanted to avoid us, and she did the best she could to avoid us."

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