According to the Kennebec Journal, Central Maine Power has been assessed a fine of $360,000 for an apparent transmission system testing violation. The penalty was okayed by the FERC or Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The fines are a result of Central Maine Power not adhering to industry standards when testing parts of its transmission network. This is the second time in the last two years that CMP, and other utilities owned by Avangrid, have received such fines for non-compliance.

The KJ goes on to say that when the most recent violation occurred that conditions ere normal and that the network had no emergencies during the test. There apparently no harm done by the violation and it didn't present a major risk to the power system. However, since it was in fact a violation, the fines will be enforced.

It's also notable to mention that Central Maine Power actually self-reported the violation and was reportedly cooperative during the investigation into the testing violation.

CMP said in a statement,

“We take our obligation to provide a robust and reliable transmission system very seriously and, as is expected of utilities, we self-reported these incidents and cooperated fully with the investigation. We have worked with our regulators to identify the root causes and have updated training on our processes and equipment performance to prevent future occurrences.”


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