You have to find the good in situations and the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is giving us one very good thing. First of all they are open and beautiful. But, due to COVID-19, they are doing this a little different this year. You need to buy your tickets in advance, no walk ups, and you pick your time of arrival.  They have a limited amount of people that will be allowed into the gardens each hour.  You must have a face make ready if you are in an area where physical distancing is difficult or when you are in any of their buildings.

Make sure you scroll down to see the gallery of photos...those are just a few of the photos I took that day.

Because of the current policy on limited admissions to the gardens…it is flat out luxurious. You have a chance to take it all in with a bit more space and quiet. Normally on a summery day the place is very popular, and if you have ever been there you know why.

They have made a few adjustments and set up some areas that are one way just to help with traffic flow but it in no way effects your ability to enjoy the natural beauty.

They even have two different areas to grab a bit to eat. I had lunch in the café and they had not one, not two but three options that were plant based and well as some sides. I was over the moon!  It is normally hard to find those options…but to have three…gotta admit I stood there for way to long trying to make a decision.  Because I also wanted a brownie…I went with the rice salad and some bubbly water. It was perfect having that lunch on the patio of the café.

I followed it with a walk about Boothbay Harbor where things are coming to life with shops and restaurants opening and people getting ready for some summer visitors.  On my back there was a quick stop at Fort Edgecomb just to see the view and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Staycation baby!

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and Fort Edgecomb

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