Over the weekend, my wife and I hit up Boston for one of The Walking Dead fan events!

These Walker Stalker Con events have been going on almost since the show premiered.  Not a surprise when you consider how loyal the fans of the show are, and how many people ARE fans of the show.

Like any other "con", there are panels (we watched one called "Sictionary", a Walking Dead themed game of pictionary that ended with a dance off), the opportunity to meet and take pics with the show's actors, a cosplay contest, and a big party.

We met Michael Cudlitz, (Sgt. Abraham), and made a donation of Bisquick to his food drive - if you don't get it, just ask me.  We also listened to a talk given by Scott Wilson (Hershel)

If you are going to a Walker Stalker Con, my suggestion would be to do one outside of the Summer months.  The reason?  Summer is when the show is filmed, so you are less likely to see the bigger stars.  Unless, of course, those big stars' characters were killed off.  Just sayin'!

Here's the dance off I mentioned:

Irone Singleton (TDog) at the party:

And, just because, the T-Rex that showed up at the party (apparently, dinosaurs LOVE Gwen Steffani):

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