When I was in high school, a bunch of my friends were obsessed with Surge.  So, when they brought it back a couple years ago these guys all went NUTS!  Well, my Surge was Crystal Pepsi.  I loved the stuff!  And, was super psyched when I heard they were bringing it back.

After testing it in 1992, Crystal Pepsi was launched nationally in early 1993...  And GONE by the end of the year.  Yep, even though I loved the stuff (mainly because of the cool commercials featuring Van Halen's Right Now), it was about as popular as "New Coke".

Well, just like Coke did with Surge in 2014, last year Pepsi brought back Crystal Pepsi.  And, earlier this week, I had my first one in over 20 years.

It was...  Not as good as I remembered it.  To me, it tasted kind of like Pepsi with a little citrus flair.

Actually, the only thought that popped in my head while I was drinking it was, "What kinda' liquor could I use this as a mixer for?"

But, I'd suggest drinking at least one between now and the next time they discontinue it.

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