A few days ago I commented, on the air, that there really weren't many (any?) fast food breakfasts that include chicken as a protein.

Sausage? Yes.  Bacon?  Yep!  Canadian Bacon?  Oh yeah!  Chicken?  Not-so-much...

The very next morning, I was listening to the radio and heard a McDonald's commercial promoting their new chicken offerings.  They now have chicken biscuits and chicken McGriddles.

The chicken biscuit is a buttered biscuit with a McChicken patty in the middle.

The Chicken McGriddle, which I tried, is the McChicken patty sandwiched between two McGriddle "buns" (what else would you call them?).  That's really all there is to them.  Chicken and McGriddles.  The simplicity works for them.  They only thing I can compare them to is old school chicken and waffles.  The sweet and savory mix is perfect.

At $2, they are definitely worth trying.

No word on how long they'll be available.  I hope they make them a permanent part of the menu.

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