I owe someone an apology.  The only problem is that I don’t know who he is because I hung up before I got his name.

Ok, here’s what happened…

I got a call on my cellphone from an Ontario, Canada phone number.  I wasn’t really sure why someone from Ontario would be calling me but, thinking that it could be someone looking to book me for a wedding or event, I picked it up.  It wasn’t…  A second after I said, “hello?”, a strange-sounding female voice started speaking.  The obviously robotic voice informed me that they were going to cancel my XXXX credit card if I did not immediately update my information.

The problem with this is that I don’t have a credit card from that company.  Despite that fact, I figured I would go down this rabbit hole to see where it led.

As instructed, I hit “1” to speak to a customer representative.  A few seconds later I was connected to a very eager man with a thick accent.  He demanded my credit card number, the name on the card, and the expiration date.  Not wanting to be rude, I made small talk for a minute or so (how’s the weather where you are?  Did you have a good Holiday?) before I politely explained that would not be giving him that information.  Then, I hung up.

I just hope that I did not hurt his feelings.

I would include the phone number that called me so that people can look out for it, but I have a feeling that the scammers are using a spoofer.  I didn’t call it back, but it would not surprise me if the number belonged to someone’s grandfather who’d rather be watching reruns of Red Green than talking to me.

Seriously, though, please keep an eye on our older loved ones to make sure they don’t fall for scams like this.  And, keep in mind that scammers, and their scams, get more sophisticated every day.

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