Last year in Maine there were more than 3,000 crashes and 12 deaths related to distracted driving. There is too much going on in vehicles. Originally, cars were used to get from here to radios, no fast food and, certainly, no phones. There were crashes THEN!

I can's multi-task well during the day when I'm trying to do something while listening to a conversation. Lots of people are like me. Why, then, do we try to pay attention to a conversation while eating while driving in traffic. Think about that.

State police are watching for distracted drivers more than ever now. Texting will get you a fine and, if Governor LePage has his way, texting or talking without a hands free device will get you a "vacation from driving." Pretty tough language but lives are at stake here.

Just so you know, police are working intersections and overpasses to observe and catch people without them even seeing it coming, so keep that in mind if you're texting at a red light or stop sign. You're still, technically, driving.

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