It's winter in Maine, but that doesn't mean people are driving with all of their clothes on.

And during the summer months, as the mercury rises and summer gets hotter, there is a burning question that captivated my mind: whether or not it's illegal to drive topless.

Is It Illegal to Drive Topless in Maine?

After looking into it on , I can confirm that there is no specific law in Maine that forbids the act of driving shirtless. Driving topless technically lies within the boundaries of the law. However, you know there's a catch.

Here are few crucial factors to remember:

According to the Maine Legislature, there is this thing called indecent exposure, and even though it's legal to drive shirtless, it may attract some attention from other drivers. This law states that you cannot exposure your genitals in public or show your body in a lewd way to others.

I also want you to consider this. Even though it's legally allowed, consider the potential harm it could cause if you are shirtless driving and another driver looks over and gets distracted? Just a thought, because it could happen!

Tinted windows may help?

Safety should always be number one, and fashion coming in hot at number two, even if you're a sweaty mess and have no A/C in your vehicle. So whatever you choose to do, safety first.

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