Tuesday I got a call from my dentist asking me if I was still coming in for my cleaning. I can’t believe I missed the appointment. They asked me if I wanted to reschedule it and I said, "yes" and they gave me today, Thursday at 9:10 am.

I did remember the appointment today. Thankfully there wasn’t a “no-show” charge. The cleaning took about an hour.

Honestly, I do like the feeling after a check up. It sort of feels like your teeth got a workout.

I find going to the dentist a little like getting your car inspected. At the end of the appointment, you always wonder what they’ll find.

And yes, I have a couple of small cavities in my back molars, which the dentist wants to fill. Of course that would be the best thing for both them and me. What I want, because of insurance (Cigna) and because of where the cavities are in the back of my mouth is silver. I really do like my dentist but where I go now, they only do the white resin.

Nobody will see my wisdom teeth or back molars and I already have silver in the back of my mouth and don’t really care if there is a bit more. Even if it is just for this one job. Is there any dentist that still does silver fillings?

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