It was Saturday. I was in the bathroom getting ready to take my family to an Easter event in Greene. I was running a bit late because I am the busiest person I know, so I put myself on "speed-mode", as my son calls it.

My speed-mode was going well. I had shaved both legs (knees included) in under 3 minutes. Impressive, huh? I jumped out of the shower like a ninja and did my routine. My makeup was quickly applied and I used my spray deodorant because it saved time.

I winked at myself in the mirror, did a little dance and turned to leave the bathroom but then tasted my mouth. I remembered, I had to brush.

I thought to myself, "Can gum take care of this garbage breath today?"

But I decided to brush because my dentist is like a captain in the armed forces and she'd know if I lied about brushing twice every day. She's like a Mom, her intuition is real savage.

So I grabbed my electric toothbrush and got to work. Rhianna was playing,  "Work" on my music box, fittingly. I increased my speed-mode even more and was brushing my teeth like my life depended on it.

I was going so fast that I punched myself in the face hole with my toothbrush.. and that's when it happened. It's that moment where you think to yourself, "Oh please don't let this be real." But it was. It was really real.

I chipped my tooth, because I brushed my teeth on speed-mode.

The toothbrush cracked right up against my front tooth. I felt it with my tongue first, because that's what you do, and I had accidentally turned my tooth into a weapon. I had chipped it in several areas and it became jagged. The pieces were swimming around in my cheek so I pulled them out, they were tiny, but tiny does make a difference in your appearance.

I looked at my tooth and in one spot, it had sharpened my tooth like that of a sharks. I had turned into a vampire in a matter of seconds. The sharpness of that tooth could literally bust an artery if I applied even the slightest pressure to your neck.

For a split second, I grinned because all of my, "Team Edward" dreams came true and then reality set it.

So, I did what any respectable rushed woman and mother would do? I turned into MacGyver and looked at my surroundings to see what I could use to fix the problem. So I grabbed my nail file. I knew I could not go out looking like a villain from a Marvel movie so I applied the file to my tooth and started to perform a dental procedure on myself.

By the way, Rhianna was still playing.

I ended up filing my tooth myself. Apparently my enamel was so thin at the end of my tooth that it broke.

I looked in the mirror after my procedure was completed and I have to say, honestly, I was impressed with my work.

Who say's you can't, "do-it-all." I can.

So there it is folks.

Lizzy Snyder via Facebook
Lizzy Snyder via Facebook

Hold on a moment, I have to call my dentist.

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