I am indifferent about the dentist. It is what it is and it isn't what it isn't. You get my drift? It is a responsibility we all must take when we have problems with our choppers, aka tusks, aka teeth. You catch my drift.

Yusuf Belek via Unsplash
Yusuf Belek via Unsplash

Moving on. Aside from being a professional talker on the radio, I also used to be a top secret competitor in Breyer's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream eating. I would compete, on the couch with my mom, who taught me about this delightful treat, and we would eat it together while watching Dr. Quinn Medicine woman, at 8:00pm. That's a lot of sugar, impacting my teeth.

I used to love sweats. Anything with sugar made me feel like Jerry McGuire, it "completed me."

Of course, I hated myself after I finished my "bowl of cavities", but while I was swimming in the ice cream, I was in heaven. But because of that and the fact that I didn't keep up with flossing, my fangs have suffered.

I have had cavities for a while and have gone to the dentist several times. But yesterday, I needed a root canal.

If you've never had one, it's a real trip. According to The American Association of Endodontics, 

when one undergoes a root canal, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the
inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed.

My tooth had a temporary cap on it and the "stuff" inside was dead. I didn't have a funeral, I had a referral instead. Willow Run Dental sent me to Dr. Kell. I was scheduled to see her at L/A Endodontics on Main St in Lewiston. I didn't know what I was in for when I checked in with Jennifer, who is a blast to chat with, I immediately felt like this experience was going to be wild.

When you walk in, you are immediately put at ease because of the atmosphere and esthetic which is very important. The building wasn't, "medical-style". It was comfortable.

When Nadine, Dr Kell's dental assistant brought me into the room to sit down, I knew right away, we were going to have fun.

Nadine was dancing to a Christian station on Pandora, I believe. The energy was up and not dark considering the circumstances of what was about to happen.

Dr. Kell walked in and you guys, she is a literal, Ray of Sunshine. They both are. She spills bright, happy, and calming energy all over you. The most important thing about Dr. Kell is that she is funny as hell.

When you are laying there, mouth open, can't talk, and the dentist is funny, it's the best. I was just jiggle laughing the whole time.

Then came the Novocain shot. I was nervous because I have spider veins.

What are spider veins? Lots of veins are literally spreading in my lower right gum area.

According to Goldman Vein Institute,

Also known as thread veins, spider veins that appear on the face usually occur in the cheeks and chin. Mucous membranes are membranes composed of connective tissue that line the body's cavities. Spider veins can develop on mucous membranes such as the nose, mouth, and eyes.
That's fun for me to learn.
As Dr. Kell is giving me a shot of Novocain I got shocked, badly.  This felt like a tiny electrocution and it happened because the shot hit my spider veins.
She then, did it again, and again it hit my vein and each time it shocked my cheek and my tongue. It was brutal.
Here's the thing, there is no way for her to know where they are in my mouth and if it was any other person doing this I would not of been happy.
But because it was Dr. Kell, she had this way of instantly making me feel loved and comfortable in that highly uncomfortable moment.
There was zero tension because her bedside manner was next-level excellence. Even though I was shocked for only a spit second, three times, it hurt, but Dr. Kell and Nadine made me forget it happened in a second.
Bedside manner in any medical setting is vital for the comfortability of the patient. Dr. Kell and her team get a gold star from me.
If you are in need of a root canal or a 30 minute stand up comedy set, LA Endo has got you covered with compassion, laughter and Novocain.
Visit LA Endodontics for information on your next exciting tooth operation!

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