Over the past couple of years, well pretty much since she’s has had teeth we’ve tried to get our daughter Vikki into the Dentist.

She’s had appointments and has gone but up until today, she hasn’t been very cooperative with the hygienist nor has she wanted anything to do with the Dentist.

This morning Lynn took Vikki to her another appointment not knowing what would happen, and they got their way with her and she came home smiling and happy and of course with a new toothbrush, a few toys, like a slap bracelet and a free ice cream token.

No cavities, although I hear she may be in for braces when she gets older, but otherwise a positive experience for her first full checkup!

Maybe she was okay today because it is a new practice we're going to, maybe it's because Vikki went with me to my cleaning last week and hung out in the examining room playing with toys and watching my teeth getting scraped, I'm not sure but I'm happy that she is more comfortable now at the Dentist than before.


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