It was approximately 11:00 on this day of February as I was flossing and driving. Not the dance, the dental undertaking. It's not against the law, I have a floss picker thing but the dance floss and drive probably is illegal.

I was flossing, because that's what you do when you have a dentist appointment, if you didn't know. You brush like 3 times and floss before your appointment and that makes up for all of the times you didn't floss or forgot to brush. You're welcome.

But each time I see the hygienist, like clock work, she always knows. It's as if she has tooth-ray vision. It's chillingly accurate.

I arrive and all is well. I sign in, take off my coat, cough in my mask then get looks from others assuming I have Covid and then I sit and wait.

My appointment was routine, a little nova cane couple of swishes and sprays and I was done.

As I was "cashing out" and being made aware of how much my insurance wasn't going to cover, I learned something very interesting from the enticing receptionist.  Let's call her, Apricot, because of the color she had on.

Apricot is a beautiful woman, soft-spoken and sweet. Her nature was gentle yet fun. We were trying to schedule my next appointment when I told her I worked for the morning show and I'm into entertainment and podcasts.

After getting to know me and how I am, which is saucy, I think that's a good describing word because I am accepting of all subject matter, I do not discriminate on talk topics. I either crush small talk or destroy it, you can decide. I have a wide variety of word vomit, from discussing things from the weather to monkey's smoking cigarettes. I digress.

Apricot told me that she had a podcast and I was impressed and pleasantly surprised. As we wrapped up our scheduling, she threw a little sprinkle into our convo ice cream. She let me know that her podcast was a bit raunchy. She added that she felt comfortable enough telling someone like me that. Which I consider a compliment.

I said goodbye, sanitized my hands, got to my car and immediately searched for her podcast, fast.

Three words: It was BRILLIANT

It was a recipe of adult humor with sexy undertones, powdered with bawdy and unrestrained banter between friends.

Covering subjects like dating, stalkers, uncomfortable public situations, sugar daddy's and foot fetish. They also discuss anxiety, entitlement, controlling behavior, panic attacks etc.

This podcast isn't for the faint of heart. I applaud there uninhibited truth of the situations they've experienced and the fact that they are generous with the details they share. It's juicy!

One particular subject landed on feet. That's right, the ten toes that we walk on every day. In my opinion, there's nothing too attractive about feet but hey, whatever flosses your teeth!

It's called, "Swipe Left, Thank Me Later" and you can find it on your Podcast or Spotify apps!

I find it funny that so many times in my life I go to a routine and completely mundane activity only to find myself driving away with an ear full of seduction.

My mouth was numb but my ears worked great.

Suffice it to say, I listened to the foot fetish episode as I was driving home and it was so good that I flossed again.

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