Dentist's gifts.

It’s that day every six months I dread, going to the dentist. It’s up there with taking your car in for inspection. You go in, the news could be as good as “you’re all set until next time” or you could hear, “OK, here’s the situation.”

I don’t know what I did for about 25 years. From age 12 until a couple of years ago, “no cavities” was always the result check up after check up. Yeah, I was always told I could do better at home between check ups like I’m sure all of you reading this have been told.

It could be just age, but I have no idea why I went from always having, "no cavities" to in the last three or four years having seven?  All of my past fillings and now new cavities are in my wisdom teeth or back molars that are out of sight when smiling.

Here is where I need advice, especially if you’re a dentist, hygienist or in some other oral care profession. My insurance covers the bulk of the “silver fillings” when they’re in the back of the mouth, but won’t cover white fillings unless they're in view when you smile.  My dentist is pushing me to get white fillings in the back, but I don’t care if I have silver. I already have three from childhood back there that are silver. Should I care?

Also, as a final question, when did getting silver fillings become passé?