Sean Gallup, Getty Images
Sean Gallup, Getty Images

A huge sigh of relief after the kids’ Dentist appointments today, cleanings and that was all. None of them had cavities. Yes they want to seal my sons' teeth but that can wait until the next calendar year. It was a little bit of an ordeal for Vikki though as you'll soon read.

This was also Vikki’s third attempt at a visit. Vikki too, had no cavities or issues, but then again she’s only two years old. The first two attempts at going to the Dentist Vikki screamed so they didn’t do anything. Somehow the Dentist, Dr. Rose was able to charm her way somewhat into a cleaning.

When I went in with Vikki she was fine and happy until she saw the chair and the tray of picks, brushes and mirrors. She screamed as I tried to comfort and hold her while I was sitting in the chair. The poor hygienist (sorry, I forgot her name) was trying her hardest to make Vikki happy by distracting her with toys and children's’ toothbrushes, etc. She was always smiling while explaining to Vikki every little change or move she was making. For example as the hygienist put on her mask, she explained why, etc.

A few minutes later the Dentist, Dr. Rose came in to try and count Vikki’s teeth and clean them. There was a cry but Dr. Rose was able to accomplish the task. After the exam, Vikki was given a couple small toys from the box o’ stuff and calmed down as we walked back out to the waiting room to wait for my two sons, Dylan and Justin appointments to be over.

The boys didn’t leave without some helpful advice on brushing and flossing but over all their teeth are healthy and I'll say it again, cavity free.

As a final thought, I would like to thank Center St. Dental for being so accommodating with the kids’ visits. All three always go at the same time having three different hygienists. I really appreciate that I’m not losing my whole morning in the waiting room. I also want to add, after we got home Vikki pointed to her teeth and said "teeth clean" with a smile. Thanks again!

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