Sean Gallup, Getty Images

I’m assuming it’s because I’m getting older or maybe because of medical advances. It seems like every time I go to the dentist now, I have a cavity or two. When I was an adolescent, I ended up having three. However from the age of 12 or 13 until about 38 or 39, I didn’t have any cavities. This is even going without seeing a dentist for a few years in my early adult life.

Since 1998, I’ve had to change dentists a few times because of insurance changes and changes in employers. I went to one place who was all about yanking my wisdom teeth but I was successful in keeping them. I honestly don’t care if I have them or not, but am scared of going under, so I have held on to them just to avoid that fear.

I have four surface cavities which I am having filled one at a time just to space out the cost. The dentist I have now says I can keep my wisdom teeth if I can keep them clean. No word about having them pulled so far so I guess I'm brushing them OK.

The hygienist asked the usual questions this morning, how are you, where do you work, etc.? I told her I was fine and that I worked at 92 Moose in Augusta. She told me she loved that station and when she was in junior high, she won a Happy Wheels skate party for 6. The whole time I’m thinking that was in 1997ish when I filled in doing nights part time. I was probably 25 or 26 and she was 13 or 14. It's cool to have that impact on someone even if was a zillion years ago. Soon after, Dr. Rose came in with the Novocain and it was off to the races.

After the visit, I proceed to leave and backed into an HHR parked behind me. I looked for the owner in the waiting room couldn’t find them so I left my name and number on piece of paper under the wiper.

Sure enough, after I got to work I get a call from my wife; then talked with an officer at the Auburn Police Department. The officer was grateful that I left the information on the car. I can’t imagine leaving a minor accident without leaving information. First of all if I just took off I would be paranoid that someone saw the accident and secondly if it were me, I’d want the same in return. I’ve been hit in parking lots before and when no one leaves a note, it sucks.

I appreciate the the praise but really it's what anyone should do.