Summer is not over yet and there are still so many outside adventures to partake in. There is still time to take a fun dip in Maine's waters and lakes. But which lake is the cleanest?

No matter where you live, it's worth the trip to experience the cleanest and purest lake in Maine. But which lake is the purest here in our state?

Maine is known to all over the world as being rich in natural beauty and pristine scenic views.

The Cleanest Lake in Maine?

In my opinion, Echo Lake near Acadia National Park has to be the purest lake in Maine, right? If you've been there you know that it's an inland lake that seems almost too good and beautiful to be real. It's freshwater swimming and glorious to look at.

Maine lakes aren't keeping themselves clean all the time, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection has helped too. They collaborate with other local agencies to keep up the water quality standards of Maine's lakes.

Echo is right on the western side of Mount Desert Island which is outside Southwest Harbor on Route 102. It's super charming! Nestled underneath the cliffs of Beech Mountain is the coziest manmade beach that for me stands above all the rest for it's purity and cleanliness.

The scenic freshwater is what pulls me in.

Another Clean Lake to Check Out!

There are other beautifully clean lakes in Maine too. Like, Webb Lake which sits at the bottom of Mount Blue State Park. It's  miles long and so pristine and sparkly and pretty! The water is always so refreshing to jump into. As the

It's super close to Tumbledown Mountain which is the most amazing hike you'll ever go on!

Where do you think the cleanest lake in Maine is?

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