Dollar General, now to be found in just about every town…everywhere... is taking it up a notch. I was reading a story on and they will continue to offer good prices on cleaning and house hold supplies, health and beauty stuff and a decent little grocery section will now offer more in the way of party supplies, home furnishing and kitchenware.  They are doing it to attract a bit more ‘upscale’ shopper but with price points that are generally $5 and under. The story quoted the company as saying “Dollar General wants to create a "sense of urgency" for customers and a "treasure hunt experience" by rotating in new products frequently.”

Honestly, I thought they had been doing that all along. Dollar General is one of my first go-to stores for a LOT of things, not just for the prices, they are just so darn easy to get to and I like the smaller store experience. So this should be fun!

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