Are you confused about some of the tax documents you recently got in the mail?  A bill saying you collected thousands of dollars in unemployment, for example?

Apparently, it has happened to a lot of people and it is an indication that your ID has been used in an unemployment scam.

According to WMTW, these scams have exploded over the last year, driven by the significant increase in the amount of unemployment benefits.

On top of the fact that the victims have had their identity stolen, many have been unable to file their taxes due to the fact that they are waiting for the corrected tax documents from the Internal Revenue Service.  And, because unemployment is considered taxable income by the federal government and most states, the scammed are expected to pay the tax bill - unless the error gets corrected, of course.

It is estimated that scammers could have stolen as much as $63 billion dollars since the start of the pandemic-caused economic downturn.

If you think you are the victim of unemployment related fraud, you can get more details about fixing the problem HERE

9 Changes Likely To Stick Around Maine Post Pandemic

Some of the things we've learned during the pandemic are likely to stick around years after the hospitals are empty and we've had our last CDC briefing. This list was inspired by a similar list done by the Bangor Daily News.

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