Sometimes we dream of things we know is absolutely preposterous, but usually (unless we're lucid dreaming) we can't help it. Like in this dream of with a geographic impossibility.

Dreamscape: Geographic Anomaly

My boyfriend and I went to Africa to the Euphrates river (yes I know it's not really in Africa, but in my dream it was AND my dream was very specific about what river it was) because of an alleged geologic phenomenon that could potentially pinpoint the exact location of the cause and the start of the first ice age. Since I love travel and he's an aspiring geologist we went.

We got there and our guide started to give us the run down and I was daydreaming of backstroking the entire river. This was actually a third person day dream, zoomed out so you could see the entire river and me backstroking. In my daydream I was mapping out and planning the swim trip but there were some issues like getting pulled into the ocean and going around a mountain. I snapped out of the daydream when our guide got stern and told us that the river was contaminated (which it is pretty dirty in real life) but if I were to disregard that fact I shouldn't (he told me specifically) swim in the river because of all the blue, yellow, black and red fish.

I honestly think my daydream in my dream was longer than my dream.

So what do you think it means?