I feel like it's pretty common for people to have a recurring (good or bad) dream that they experience every now and again. I definitely have that happen. While I wouldn't necessarily call this a 'scary' dream, it its most definitely suspenseful. It always starts with me DJ'ing.. not here at the station, but out at either the club or a wedding. The dance floor is always packed and everyone is raging away to my set.. and then, mid-set, I can't think of what song to play next. As I frantically scroll through my different music folders looking for the perfect track to mix into, I can see the song that is currently playing counting down to the end. I know that reading this it probably doesn't seem all that intense, maybe even funny, but I can most assuredly say, it isn't. As the song finally comes to an end, there I am standing behind the turntables with everyone on the floor looking up at me and wondering why the room is filled with deafening silence. At this point, I typically wake up. Is this some sort of message I'm being sent from my subconscious? Or is it just because I'm a DJ and this is my biggest fear? Either way, it always leaves me thinking about what it would be like if this happened in real life! ahhh! What are YOUR recurring dreams?

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