Dreams often make you think, wonder and are almost always strange. What are some of your weirdest dreams?

Often mine involve hunting, however, often I am the hunted, I won’t say I’m being chased because it’s more like scary hide and go seek in a wooded area or jungle.

Many of my dreams involve where I grew up, sort of, I say "sort of" because it’s usually a mash-up of my hometown and some other city like Boston or New York. I sometimes dream I’m on a ferry boat or plane.

Years ago every night I had this dream where I was at a campsite on a beach where there was a huge maze of tunnels. I once had a dream where I met Katy Perry at Marden’s.

The most recent odd dream was last night and it kind of startled me, so much so in fact I woke up and said, “Phew it was a dream.” Not because it was scary but because it was about a girl and I’m married. It was about someone I didn't know and had never met.

Lynn and I looked through a dream definition book we have and thankfully she doesn’t have to feel worried and I don’t to totally have to feel guilty.

Reading up on my “intimacy dream” the book defined it with a few different outcomes. One answer was having to do with self-esteem and lack of it. Okay, maybe to a degree that may be true but not like it was as a kid.

The other reason and the one that intrigues me is the fact it might mean I have a gloomy outlook on life. Might it be the stress of life? Is it the bills, the monotony and daily struggles?

My own response to this is, I just need a decadent dinner out with Lynn as a couple or  maybe a mini getaway. So, it’s not about not being satisfied in my marriage, that's the good news.