Who would have thought that face masks would become such a huge part of our lives? So just like anything that you wear and becomes part of your day, you are always looking for options that reflect your style and personality. Enter Dunkin' ...yea, Dunkin', they knew that along with that cold brew iced coffee you love, why not add to your Dunkin' pride with a fresh designed Dunkin' face mask. Not to mention each mask purchase helps a great charity too.


According to a press release, Dunkin' confirmed

"we always have your back. Now, we have you covered. With face masks continuing to be a requirement for all employees at Dunkin’ restaurants for the foreseeable future, they have created five new Dunkin’-inspired face mask designs. And, are also making these sweet masks available to all of Dunkin's fans."

Just like when Dunkin' introduced those fancy Dunkin brand socks... yea, they are an item, the style of the new masks are sure to be snazzy.

"The new face masks come in five Dunkin’-ized designs and are a fun way to sprinkle some joy and rep your orange and pink pride while staying covered*. Made in the USA, the face masks are made from 2-ply poly scuba cloth with a nose pleat for comfortable wear. Additionally, the masks come with a filter pocket, making it easy to insert and remove an added layer each time you use these washable, reusable masks."

Sadly, you won't be able to score the masks at the drive-thru but, Dunkin' makes it easy to get them online and also support an amazin' cause.

"Available for purchase on our online pop-up shop the masks will retail for $10 (plus applicable tax and shipping), with $3 of each purchase donated to the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation to support health and hunger relief for children in undeserved communities."

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