According to The Weather Channel, much of Central Maine could get hit with some nasty thunderstorms today.

While the day will start out with clouds and a high level of humidity, we could see our first round of thunderstorms roll through the area at around 10 AM.

It looks as though the hardest hit areas are in a row that stretches from Portland to Augusta to Waterville to Bangor.

The storms can be expected, periodically, until around 4 PM.

The good news is that the rain will have completely rolled out of most parts of Central Maine by late afternoon.  By then, the sun will be back out and it will still be warm.  So, if you were planning a BBQ, or you just want to have a drink on the deck (or porch), you'll be in luck.

Check out this video of a wild thunderstorm that hit southwestern Maine a few summers ago:

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