I like TV.  I don’t have cable any longer so I have to work a little get most of my shows, but it is VERY easy to find what I want…what I NEED.

The week of September 24th is the BIG week, but some shows start earlier and some start later so check the list.

ME? WELL….here is what I am looking forward to:

Big Bang Theory:  The show is getting old but I will stick with it.  They will be on Sept 24 AND Sept 27 on CBS

NICS:  This show is also getting a little old and I will stick with it too.  Find it on CBS Sept 25th.

Grey’s Anatomy:  A must see in my world.  Sept 27th on ABC.

Murphy Brown: The reboot of this hits CBS on Sept 27th.  I will check it out just ‘cause.

Magnum PI:  Again, a reboot on CBS due to premier on Sept 24th.

Black-ish: This is a little later, Oct 16, I always catch it on Hulu like I do for a lot of TV.


SURVIVOR!  I love Survivor.  Wednesday Sept 26th is the day!

Now…where is my remote?


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