I like TV.  I don’t have cable any longer so I have to work a little get most of my shows, but it is VERY easy to find what I want…what I NEED.

You can check out the schedule right here from USmagazine.com

The week of September 24th is the BIG week, but some shows start earlier and some start later so check the list.

ME? WELL….here is what I am looking forward to:

Big Bang Theory:  The show is getting old but I will stick with it.  They will be on Sept 24 AND Sept 27 on CBS

NICS:  This show is also getting a little old and I will stick with it too.  Find it on CBS Sept 25th.

Grey’s Anatomy:  A must see in my world.  Sept 27th on ABC.

Murphy Brown: The reboot of this hits CBS on Sept 27th.  I will check it out just ‘cause.

Magnum PI:  Again, a reboot on CBS due to premier on Sept 24th.

Black-ish: This is a little later, Oct 16, I always catch it on Hulu like I do for a lot of TV.


SURVIVOR!  I love Survivor.  Wednesday Sept 26th is the day!

Now…where is my remote?