It's literally one of these easiest, most convenient and peaceful things you can do to remain active all while social distancing. Walking. However, some people just can't leave well enough alone and have had to ruin the fun for others in the city of Waterville.

According to WABI TV 5, Scott McAdoo, President of The Kennebec Messalonskee Trail Board, said they were forced to close the Leeman Island Trail to the public because people were having illegal fires, leaving trash and litter behind and committing acts of vandalism.

There are several signs and markers that were nailed to trees to help identify parts of the trail and other important messages. Those signs have mostly all been ripped down and scattered on the ground.

The Leeman Island trail is commonly used for people who want to escape the busier parts of Waterville for a quieter, more serene atmosphere. Unfortunately, for now, the trail will need to remain closed to the public while the board figured out its next steps.

Waterville Police are also aware of the ongoing situation regarding the Leeman Island Trail though they're still unsure what their next step in the process will be. McAdoo says the board will be meeting soon to discuss the ongoing problem as well as ways to resolve it and hopefully set a reopening date so that Mainers can once again enjoy the trail.

Remember, all it takes is one bad apple to spoil something for the entire community. So please remember, whether you're at a park, on a public road or a walking trail in Waterville, be conscientious of what you're doing, and how you're treating it. Let's all leave the environment a little nicer than we found it.

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