We've all done it, called someone by mistake on our cellphones. You hit the wrong button at the wrong time and before you know it someone in your contact list gets an unexpected call and you don't even know it. Some people call it pocket-dialing or 'butt-dialing.' Heck we get calls on the Moose Morning Show quite often when we know we were called by mistake. We can hear conversations going on. It doesn't matter how loud you scream, "Hello," the other person doesn't hear, because they don't even realize that a call has been made.

19 year old Matthew Dollarhide in Florida wishes he had better control of his phone. Last week he was surprised when a Volusia County Sheriff's deputy pulled him over on suspicion of selling drugs. Why? Well, Dollaride's phone somehow had dialed 9-1-1 and dispatchers overheard a conversation with Dollarhide and his passenger about drugs. They kept listening and learned that the two were driving a tow truck. Then they overheard the name 'Harry.' Deputies, moments later, pulled over a 'Harry's Towing' truck and found a crack pipe on Dollarhide. He was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

A crack pipe found because of butt-dialing....kind of ironic!