For some reason, people never seem to get as angry at anything in their lives as much as they get angry at other drivers. And while many of us are guilty of becoming irrationally angry at other drivers while we're behind the wheel, I'd argue that most of us have at least an ounce of self-control that keeps us from completely flying off the handle.

Whether someone in front of you slows down suddenly to make a turn without even a single flash of a blinker or the yahoo merging into the roadway waits until you're almost on top of them to pull out, there's a million reasons why people can get quickly angered when they're driving.

Unfortunately for one New Hampshire man, his road rage level crossed into the category of illegal on Monday afternoon.

According to an article from WMUR, Hampton Police were called to an incident that involved a man from Seabrook allegedly pointing a gun at a fellow driver on Monday.

Police say the incident happened on Monday morning on the Towle Farm Road in Hampton. Police tell WMUR that Matthew Breslin, 40 of Seabrook, New Hampshire, allegedly displayed and pointed a firearm at another driver during some kind of road rage incident.

WMUR says that police took Breslin into custody following the incident on Towle Farm Road and subsequently charged the man with criminal threatening and reckless conduct.

Sine his arrest, Breslin was able to post bail and has since been released. However, he is due to appear in court on May 7th, WMUR stated.

The Hampton Police Department is currently asking any motorists who may have witnessed the alleged altercation to contact them with information.

All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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