If everything goes right, by October, Sebago Lake Distillery's Gardiner-made rum should be available for purchase!

According to the KJ, Sebago Lake Distillery's Water Street, Gardiner, stills are now in operation.  The first batch should be ready by October.

According to David Tomer, one of the partners, it takes a lot of patience to get an operation like Sebago Lake Distillery going.  Over the last 3 years, they have bid their time as they planned, applied for licenses, secured a location, and tweaked the recipe.

Many may not know how appropriate it is that the liquor they chose to distill was rum.  Maine has a long history with that particular spirit.  In fact, it is said that Maine rum saved the American Revolution.  Supposedly, a shipment of rum from Maine was what helped General George Washington and his men survive the winter at Valley Forge.

The addition of the distillery is just another step toward Gardiner becoming Central Maine's food and craft beer / spirits hub.

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