Unless you walk everywhere or just don’t care…you may have noticed gas prices are going up.  Gas in Maine on Monday was, on average, $2.72 a gallon. The average gas price is about the same nationally at $2.77.  Just to give that a little context that is 30 cents more than a month ago and 40 cents more than this time last year.  Remember it was at this time last year we were just learning about this thing call coronavirus and our attention was focus on why is everyone buying up the toilet paper.

According to US News and World Report, this is a cause-and-effect move. The nations that produce the oil for the world decided not to increase output as the world is starting to get back in gear. That means there is more of a demand and less of a supply and that is what drives prices up.

I had led a life not too long ago where I did not think much of gas prices since I lived close to work and the grocery store, so most days walked to get things done, and that was pre-COVID.  Then life slowed down for most of us last year. Now? I am back to driving to work, the store, to help a friend of mine mostly house-bound due to the pandemic, and to meet my own needs…so I am using a lot more petrol in the motor than I once was.  Not so long ago a tank of gas would last me three to four weeks, now I am at a tank a week. While still not a lot for most people, for me that is a huge increase in time behind the wheel.

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