He's Maine's King of Comedy and he's coming to a town near you!

Comedian Bob Marley is one of the most famous (and funny) people to ever come out of the Pine Tree State. And, did you know, that Bob Marley tours all over the county during the year?

From Vegas to New York, Florida and everywhere in-between, you can catch Uncle Bobby performing just about everywhere. From roles in big movies like Boondock Saints to performances on the Tonight Show and others, Bob Marley has certainly made a big name for himself over the last several decades.

Bob Marley
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

The best thing about Bob, however, is that he never forgot his roots and still performs dozens of shows all around Maine each and every year. It's true, you never have to travel far if you want to see Bob Marley live in concert.

For the next month or so, Bob will be doing a number of shows both in the state and outside of Maine. From Sarasota Florida to Sugarloaf USA, Bob is going to be putting some miles on.

If you have been thinking that you really need to get your Marley fix, he is coming to a town near you- and soon! As a matter of fact, Bob is going to be performing at the Calumet Club in Augusta this March and tickets are on sale now!

Tickets are on sale and start at $36.50. You can secure yours to this event by clicking here!

Bob will be at the Calumet Club on Thursday, March 21st. If you can't make that show, he'll also be performing at the Skowhegan Opera House the week before on March 16th.

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