What do you do on New Years Eve? Do you go out? Do you stay home? Are you usually working? New Years Eve is one of those nights I can pretty much remember what I did every year, at least the New Years Eve celebrations in my adult life.

When I was younger I would go clubbing. Most years we'd start off celebrating at a social gathering at a friend's house, then hit the bars. I remember falling on my butt trying to get a bus to go downtown in my hometown back in 1992. After the festivities that year I took a cab home or walked. So here we go for highlights of the last 20 years of New Year Eve memories.

The New Years Eve 1993 into 1994, my girlfriend at the time and I with a mutual friend played Monopoly, couldn't tell you who won or if we even finished the game but it was a low key night. We had a few drinks and made a few drunk dialings.

My New Years Eve, 1994 into 1995, My ex, the same girlfriend as the year before and I had Indian food at an Indian restaurant in my hometown, then went to a friend's place. I think the place was called Curry Village, but anyway the food was good. I can't remember why, but I ended up getting mad that night, so I skipped the whole party scene and went home early and went to bed,

My New Years Eve 1995 into 1996 I was working at a radio station in Brewer in the evening, then went out after to either Finnegan's or the Bounty, maybe both?  Same thing with the following two years, I worked. 1996 into 1997 I was at the Moose, playing Rick Dees or Casey's The Top 100 of the year on CD and the next New Years Eve, 1997 into 1998 I was in Auburn running a live broadcast in the studio with the station personalities at New Years Portland.

1998 into 1999, I did the New Years Portland thing with friends. We started at $3 Dollar Dewey's, hit The Penguin and then The Iguana. I remember it being absolutely freezing that night. We ended the night at Bill's Pizza on Commercial before walking home to my place on Washington Ave.

New Years 1999 into 2000 I was again working. This time at a radio station in South Portland. A few of us were asked to work all night in case the place went awry due to Y2K. Remember the fear? Remember the hype? As it turned out Y2K was much ado about nothing. I do remember being the first DJ on at midnight in the year 2000 as we went from Prince's "1999" into "Smooth" by Santana and Rob Thomas.

New Years Eve, 2000-2001, Just me, Lynn and our 18 month old, Dylan. Lynn and I had a bottle of wine and strawberry sundaes..Very simple but joyous and memorable.The following year, even more subdued as Lynn was "very" Pregnant with Justin.

New Years Eve, 2002 into 2003, we moved. We stayed in the same building, just went from the 3rd floor to the first but it was a chore.

The more recent New Years Eves have been more of a tradition. From 2003 to 2011 we alternated the party location between our apartments with our then upstairs neighbor. One year, we'd host, the next they'd host. We'd also have our next door neighbor over as well. No driving, no walking even really, just good food, drinks and great times.

The last two years, meaning last year and this year, it's been and is at our house. Mostly because I guess so we can put Vikki to bed early if she's tired. We also can accommodate friends sleeping over and even better, I don't have to worry about driving.

The common theme for New Years Eve since Lynn and I have been together is we celebrate New Years Eve as the year end until the ball drops and as it does we sing "Happy Birthday" to Lynn because Lynn is a New Years day baby. Just after midnight we give Lynn her gifts and then we all home or go to bed.