It's time for the good old end of the year review. 2013 is all done for the exception of a few fleeting hour that remain. Next year, will hopefully be as good if not even better as this one. So looking back on 2013, it was quite a year. Here are some of the highlights of 2013 from my life.

In February, we went to Jay Peak in Vermont for a couple of nights. They're mostly known as a ski resort but we went for their water park. Drove through a snowstorm to get there but it was a really fun couple of days. I would truly recommend going for the weekend. The park is called, The Pump House and they have package deals.

Also in February, we went to a Red Claws game and in the audience was Los Angeles Clippers coach but Celtics coach at the time, Doc Rivers. He was there to see his son play, not because he heard I was going to be at the game. Just thought I'd get that out there.

As spring came and the weather got warmer, we did a bit of work around the house, we re-did the upstairs somewhat. A new can of paint does wonders to an old room. Dylan's floors were somewhat redone. They were sanded down because the previous owners painted the floor. We'll stain them this coming spring or summer. We also did the same thing to the kitchen, we took out paneling and repainted. Next thing to do in the kitchen area is the linoleum and we'll get to that someday.

Last year in November of 2012 we adopted "Thunder" and in the spring of 2013 we thought Thunder needed a friend, or sibling if you will. So we went to the Androscoggin Humane Society and adopted, "Sweetie." She was a bit stand-offish when we got her but in the past nine months has warmed up to us and actually now will come and sit on laps.

In the early part of the summer, Lynn's sister Jessica, her husband and their baby living in Florida came up for a visit. Lots of backyard fun, grilling, bonfires, etc.

In July we went to Canada to visit my Mom in Halifax, NS which was a lot of fun. Very packed week as we also went to Edmundston, NB to visit Lynn's family.  The kids had a blast even though much of the trip consisted of being on the road.

Summer ended with a quick trip to Funtown, The Great Falls Balloon Festival and an impromptu visit from my Mom, sister and nephew who came to Bangor for a couple of days. It was great to see them and to see my sister who I don't get to see often as she lives in the UK.

Our autumn was all about band competitions. Dylan plays trumpet in the Edward Little High School marching band and every weekend the school was somewhere playing in a competition. It was a fun few months watching Dylan and the school band improve week after week. I'm looking forward to it again next year.

And now we're into winter, which means Justin's basketball and paying for oil.

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