One question I get a lot working in radio is, what is your favorite song? My response is always "do you mean currently or of all time." If the question is my all time favorite, that is easy, "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses.

I love "November Rain" for so many reasons musically, from the many different layers and the two guitar solos to the story line lyrically and in the music video including the memories the song holds. I actually wanted the song to be my wedding song when I was 20, however, when it came time to get serious and pick that kind of thing out, my fiancee had a lot of input. So the Guns n Roses power ballad anthem was squashed, as was my desire to get married at Fenway Park. None the less it is still my favorite song.

There are other songs that I've never grown sick of, and still love each and every time I hear them. Another all time favorite of mine is "I Gotta Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas. The song was a monster hit back in 2009, which stayed atop the Billboard charts for months. Instead of posting the original video, I thought I'd post a video to the song made up of and by college students in Canada. What is incredible about this video is that it was done in one take. It must have taken a few tries, but there no edits in the video.

Another favorite song that I can never get sick of and one that takes me on a ride is one from 1994 by Enigma called "Return to Innocence." It has top notch production and is about self healing it also takes me back to when I first started in radio at CJLS a small station in Yarmouth, NS Canada.

From the seasonal files, I love Len's "Steal My Sunshine." This song also makes my all time Top 10 as it just makes me feel happy. Whether the lyrics are about getting high or not, I just love the summer feel good vibe. It came out around the time my wife and I met and I still love the song to this day.

Being an 80s kid, I have to have a couple of hair metal songs on my all time favorites list. Dr. Feelgood is one of those quintessential pop metal records we had to own back in the day, my favorite on that album was "Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away." So the Crue makes my all time Top 10 as well.

The rest of my top 10 are below. I probably overlooked something and might if I had thought harder have swapped a song or two but it answers the question what are my favorite songs?

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