Can I just start this whole thing off by talking about how ashamed I really am? I'm not ashamed that I made several of these last night, but I'm totally ashamed that I never thought to do it sooner. As in over the last 33 years of my life I had never done this. I can't get that time back and it saddens me. Had I known back then what I know now about how incredibly decedent these things are, I probably would have made at least 3 a week.

So what exactly are you looking at in the photos? Well, at in it's most simple form it is just a sandwich. A grilled sandwich. But that's where the simple ends and the delicious magic begins. We've all had a basic grilled cheese before right? I mean, it's one of the best comfort foods known to humankind. But, what if you replaced the cheese with something else? Something a little sweeter?

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the one and only 'Grilled Fluffernutter'. Yes, it's tastes just as incredible as it sounds. And, since it was my night to make dinner for the kids and I didn't want to whip up a 3-course meal, this is what I made. I had never done it before but had recently seen someone else do it on social media.

Here's how I did it. Using my favorite 12-grain bread, I spread chunky peanut butter on one slice, fluff on the other, squished them together, then finally buttered the outside of the sandwich with margarine. After that, slap it into the frying pan on high and let er' cook! However, especially if you cook on high, you'll want to make sure to flip it frequently so it doesn't burn. And, if you so choose, might I recommend serving up with a side of butter microwave popcorn?


The kids absolutely love this, so naturally I plan on making it every single night for the rest of all our lives. If you try this make sure you send in a photo and let us know what you thought of my incredible recipe!


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