Finally, the weather is warmer and the snow has melted.  It's time to get outside and play!

In this series we're concentrating on actual playgrounds (climbing structures, swings, etc), but most communities have additional parks and other commons areas if all you want to do is take a walk, play a game of Frisbee, or let the kids run around.  Check your local government websites for more on those.

In part 1, we'll look at the playgrounds in Augusta, Manchester, and Gardiner.


-Bridge Street Playground - Located at John Jack Cunningham Park on Bridge Street, this playground features a small structure, swings, and a sprinkler system.


-Calumet Playground - This playground, located on Northern Ave, features an almost brand new playground structure (one of the coolest I've ever seen), a swimming pool, tennis courts, a basketball court, and lots of parking.


-Howard Street Playground - Located at Augusta's East Side Boat Launch, it's located nearly below the Memorial Bridge on the East side of the Kennebec River.  In addition to the playground structures, it offers a great opportunity to take a walk by the river.


-McCall's Playground - Find it on Eastern Avenue (a short distance from the intersection of Stone Street and Eastern Ave).  It offers several different structures (for kids of different abilities), a pool, basketball courts, a MASSIVE field, and ample parking.


-Williams Park - On Bangor Street, a short walk from Hussey School, it offers playground structures, basketball courts, a large field, and a swimming pool.  Additionally, for the older kids, there is a skate park at the site.


-YMCA Playground - Located off Union Street, adjacent to the KV YMCA building, it features playground structures, athletic fields, and lots of parking.  Additionally, it is a trailhead for the Kennebec River Rail Trail.


-Youth Memorial Park / Buker Center Playground - Located behind the Buker Center on Armory Street, this playground offers a playground structure, swings, and a ball field.



-The Gardiner Common - On Dresden Ave, this park and playground features playground structures, swings, a gazebo, a fountain, plenty of shade from trees, and more.



-Castle Town - Find this hidden gem on McArdle Street (just off 202) in Manchester.  It features many interconnected structures, a sandbox, a baseball diamond, and more.  Conveniently, it is located a very short walk from Fielder's Choice.  So, after the kids get their fill of ice cream, they can burn it off at the playground.


In part 2, we'll look at playgrounds in Waterville, Winslow, Oakland, and more.


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