Happy 4th of July! She looks pretty good considering she's 237 years old. It really is quite astonishing how beautiful our country is geographically. From our rocky shore here in Maine to the sandy beaches and glitz of southern California; from Seattle to Miami and everything in between, we certainly have it all. The prairies, the Grand Canyon, deserts, mountains and all variations of climates and waterways, America is quite a masterpiece.

As a kid you hear about the American Dream and you visualize in your head what that may be. There are thoughts of a suburban home featuring two kids, a wife and a couple of vehicles with a dog in the yard. Maybe, but it is different ideas to different people.

What is my American Dream? It's not about money or having an over abundance of it. My dream is more about my kids living their dreams. So long as I can pay for food, shelter, power and have a few things and take a small trip or two a year, I'm fine.

As much as I get annoyed with angry politics on Facebook and in person, it's part of what makes this a great nation. Try those political rants in China, Iran or North Korea. Look I know we're not a perfect country, but as a whole I think we do pretty well.

So on this 4th of July whether it's camping, parades or fireworks, think about the adventure in life and cherish the free choices we have, because many in the world aren't as fortunate.

I will see you in the Winslow 4th of July parade at 10am and in the Augusta parade starting at 4pm.

Here's a list of fireworks displays throughout central Maine.