Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I am addicted to nasal spray. Why? Because apparently mother nature wanted to play the trick of all tricks and give me allergies very late in my life.

I am constantly looking for a drink that pares well with allergies and it doesn't work. I'd also like to point out that I was able to dodge Covid the entire time but ended up still not being able to smell because of allergies.

Shaking my head all the time. It gets so bad at night sometimes that I wake up and can't breath. I have tried over-the-counter medicine but all that seems to work for me is Afrin nasal spray.

Apparently, allergies in Maine are the worst they have been for a long time and have arrived with a vengeance.

According to WABI, "allergy-triggering pollen is hitting the southern and eastern U.S. earlier this year than ever before."

The news station said that the warm temps in February could be to blame as allergies will usually start in February and go until April.

The dominant allergens are juniper, poplar, and maple in March and April, according to Spectrum News. 

Listen, I thought mother nature and I had a pretty good thing going for a while. But, apparently, my allergies show that she hates me. So, I am ignoring her for now and hope she gets the hint to unclog my nose holes.

Are you anything like me and have terrible allergies but have a fantastic coping skill to unclog yourself?

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