So, over the weekend, my phone decided to upgrade itself to the new 'Droid OS...  7.0, or as they call it, Nougat!  In case you hadn't noticed, all of the Android operating systems are named after sweet treats (ice cream sandwich, nougat, etc)  Normally, I love getting new toys, but there are a few things with this upgrade I am not feeling the love for.

First, the notifications (on the lock screen) are now bundled.  So, all of the Facebook updates are together, all of the texts are together, etc.  The idea behind the bundles is to make the clock screen less cluttered.  To me, it just makes it more difficult to spot certain notifications I may want to see (texts or FB messages from certain people, for example).

Also, the calendar looks way different.  Way more cluttered.  Because I use the calendar to keep track of all of my daily tasks, this is my biggest complaint.  Actually, it seems like they change that feature with EVERY update.  If they only changed three things in a given update, one of those three would be a change to the calendar.

Other than that, there are some cool new additions to this version of the OS.  The camera app is a little cleaner, easier to use (swipe left or right for filters and camera modes,), and has better options (like Virtual Shot).

Check out this video explaining all of the new features/


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