If you're a regular listener to our radio stations, you've probably noticed that we're had a lot of people out over the last week or so.  In fact, there's only one DJ who has not yet caught whatever's going around.

After over a week of trying to ward it off by using gallons of hand sanitizer and chugging elderberry syrup, I finally caught it.  This is like no flu I've ever had!  It took me completely out of commission for over 36 hours.

While not everyone experiences the flu the same way, almost everyone I've worked with that got it was hit in a similar way.

If you feel like you're coming down with something, here's my advice to you:

1 - Make sure everything you need (cellphone, remotes, water bottles) are within arms' reach because you are not going to feel like leaving your bed.

2 - Have snacks and drinks on hand.  The biggest mistake I made was eating nothing and drinking very little while I was sick.

3 - Have a humidifier on hand.  The air in your house is already dry enough thanks to your heater.  A humidifier will help counteract that.

4 - Occasionally touch your remote control so that Netflix continues to autoplay whatever show you're binge watching

5 - If you live alone, have someone call to check on you.  Seriously...  Almost everyone who gets this is gonna' get knocked on their butt, but be fine after a day or so.  That's not the case for everyone, though.  Just be cautious.

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