The last year has been a really tough one for many small, locally-owned, businesses.  Sadly, some were more affected by the pandemic’s economic downturn than others.

While the COVID-19 restrictions helped the state curtail the spread of the virus, they also caused issues for most of the state's entertainment venues like bowling alleys, performance spaces, theaters, and bars.  Limits on capacity, limits on the types of activities, and the complete closure of certain types of businesses has made it difficult for many to stay afloat.

Some of the hardest hit businesses were our bars and nightclubs.  Even if they were lucky enough to stay open because they operated as a restaurant, they were prevented from having live music, karaoke, and DJs over concerns that singing and dancing would spread the virus.

This is true for Mixers Nightclub in Sabattus, one of Maine’s iconic live music venues.

The owners have launched a GoFundMe in hopes that it will help them stay afloat.

The GoFundMe page says:

After nearly 30 years in business, the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. With our source of income primarily coming from live music and dancing it has been a struggle to only be allowed to function as a restaurant. While we have been able to serve food, the revenue from that does not come close to covering our monthly expenses. We want to be here at the end providing all the fun, excitement, and memories you all have come accustom to getting here with us.  Our last resort is to reach out to our community and start a GoFundMe in hopes to stay afloat long enough to return to normal.

Last week, we saw Governor Mills announce the rollback timeframe for many of the COVID-19 restrictions.  Hopefully, businesses like Mixers will be able to hold on long enough.


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