Do you ever think people over-complicate a fairly simple process? While I don't know all the details of the issue personally, part of me thinks that this has become a much bigger to-do then it really needed to have been.

I get that enough people thought the name 'Skowhegan Indians' was so offensive that it needed to go. We've moved past that. However, the school STILL does not have a new one. This may be due in part for the need to have so many committees and subcommittees involved in the process.

On Tuesday, according to the KJ, the Education Policy/ Program Committee met with an objective of coming up with several potential new mascot names for the school. Those names include the Skowhegan Badgers, the Skowhegan Sturgeon, the Skowhegan Riverhawks and the Skowhegan Phoenix.

Though later today (Thursday 7-23) the Support Services Committee needs to meet and also come up with several suggestions on what they think the new mascot should be.

Each committee member was asked to come to the meeting prepared with up to 10 name suggestions which would then be narrowed down to a handful during the meeting process. Once the process of narrowing down names has been completed, a new list will be generated and it will be sent to the students for a vote.

Again, I have no skin in the game here with this process and I probably don't know all the political details of the matter. But wouldn't it have been better to let student council or class Presidents convene with their fellow students to pitch suggestions to the school board? Just my two cents, but giving the students full control of the matter seems like it would have been best. Instead, the students will get to vote, but on names that other people came up with.

We will continue to follow this story and keep you updated if and when a new mascot name is finally decided on.

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