'Magical', 'whimsical', and 'festive'. My favorite words for this wondrous time of year in Maine.

The air is crisp and the stress of putting up your Christmas lights is causing you to pour a little extra Brandy into your eggnog, but that's Christmas in Maine!

What makes the holidays so fun? Bringing your kiddo's to see Santa! Taking photos of your beautiful babies crying on Santa's lap will always be a priceless pastime.

'Tis the season for joy, laughter, and the annual pilgrimage to visit the iconic Santa Claus at his various spots to visit on Earth.

Santa Claus Unsplash

As a seasoned parent, I embarked on a perilous journey to find as many places in Maine that are hosting Santa Claus this season.

It's always fun no matter what city you are in when you get to see the big guy in red, but it is not without complications. The first challenge is navigating the line leading to Santa's enchanted workshop, but once you get there, you never know what will happen. Some of the best photos of all time come from mishaps and tantrums.

Our family plan is to pay a visit to Santa at L.L.Bean in Freeport.

However, for convenience, I am sure you hope to stay close to home to avoid long travel, but still want to bask in the magic of the season.

Let's get started! Below is a list of 10 places in Maine that will be hosting Santa Claus this 2023 holiday season.

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