It was another incredible year at the third annual Camp Out Hunger in the Sam's Club parking lot here in Augusta.

For five straight days Lizzy and I, along with Buzz & Kristi from B98.5, lived around the clock in our campers taking food and monetary donations for the Capital Region Salvation Army.

As always, like each year before this, it was a surreal experience. So many donations and so many people. Additionally, there were so many incredible stories from people we had never met before.

So many people that came to donate, probably half at least, had stories of how they used to be food insecure and were in need of the services offered by the Salvation Army, and now that they're in a better position felt called to come and give back. It was amazing.

When it was all said and done, the community rallied yet again this year to bring in a staggering amount for food for the 20,000 Kennebec County residents (5,000 of which are children) that are food insecure.

According to Captain Keith Davis from the Salvation Army, Central Maine came together to raise 41,000 pounds of food with a retail value of $112,000.00!!!!!!!! We ended our cash donations at $9,800.00 until Rachael from Winslow called in to kick in the extra $200 to make it an even $10,000!

Tour The 2021 Camp Out Hunger Compound

Check out the massive set up at the 2021 Camp Out Hunger Food Drive. This is Central Maine's Largest food drive!

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