Many folks are huge fans of "nighttime mode" or "dark mode" when it comes to mobile use. The Twitter app has had the option for a few years. Users have been asking Facebook to make dark mode an option for quite some time, and while it's not ready for a full rollout, Android users can unlock the feature immediately thanks to the detective work of Android Police.

I tried it out on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and after a little trial and error, BAM! DARK MODE ENABLED! Basically, you send a moon to a friend on the Messenger app and the option magically pops up!

First I had to find a guinea pig. Someone who wouldn't judge me if I randomly sent a moon. I settled on a co-worker group chat. They get me and probably wouldn't question it for a moment.

Then I quickly realized there are A LOT of moon emojis. So after a couple attempts didn't work, I did all of them. And it still didn't work.

Facebook Messenger Mobile

After one last crescent moon was sent...SWEET VICTORY!

So, I clicked on "TURN ON IN SETTINGS" and was sent to this page and notification.

And finally, I ENABLED THE DARKNESS! Ok, that sounds way cooler than it actually is but for some, dark mode has been a long time coming!

So go forth and embrace the darkness, Android users! Your eyes will thank you.

**UPDATE** We're getting reports this works on iOS as well! Give it a shot, Apple folk!