It almost feels like the staff at a Portland Dunkin has had a little too much coffee.  Or maybe, like the rest of us, they're all just feeling the 2020 vibes.

Last week, to promote the return of their pumpkin and fall offerings, the staff changed the sign to read: "Uh oh!  Spicy!  Pumpkin! Hahahaha!  Pumpkin tasty"


Yeah, it's a little bit chaotic and it is not a surprise that it has gone viral.  One woman's Facebook post has been shared nearly 9,000 times and a tweet has been retweeted over 37,000 times!

Last week, one of our local Dunkin locations was nice enough to let us sample some of their new fall offerings.  This year, of course, they have the pumpkin donuts, cider donuts, pumpkin munchkins, cider munchkins, and pumpkin muffins.  They've also got cream cheese filled mini bagels and steak rollups.  And, if you have never had a chance to try their snacking bacon, you really need to!  Peppered bacon with a maple glaze.  So good!

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