Given all they have had to endure over the last year, very few of us would NOT consider Maine's teachers heroes.  But, apparently, one Maine elementary school teacher is a lefit hero!

According to WCSH 6, Breanne Napolitano, a first grade teacher at Sabattus Primary School, recently saved a student who was choking on her snack.

6-year-old Helen Gannon was snacking on some strawberries when one got lodged in her throat.  Jumping into action, Napolitano gave Gannon the Heimlich maneuver three times.  Apparently, three times the charm, because on the third squeeze a piece of strawberry came out of Gannon's mouth and flew across the room.

Napolitano said her mom, who is a nurse, had showed her how to react in such and emergency and trained her how to do the Heimlich maneuver.

Sabattus Primary School Principal Ben Wilson explained that Breanne Napolitano cares a lot for the community and, especially, her students.  He said that he doubts either Napolitano or Gannon will ever forget the "special moment" they shared.

You can be prepared to handle emergencies, too.  Learn 10 basic first aid procedures HERE

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