In honor of Leap Day (February 29th) the brewer is giving away a free case of beer to EVERYONE.  Yes, a free case of Miller Lite to everyone!  Well, everyone old enough to drink, that is...

According to Thrillist, you'll need to purchase the beer and then submit for a refund.  On February 29th, the brand will post a QR code on their Twitter and Instagram pages.  Scanning the code will take you to a website where you can submit to be reimbursed.  You'll get the money back through your Paypal account.

Why this particular Leap Day?  Why not last year, or the year before, or next year?  Well, it is the first time since 1992 that Leap Day falls on a Saturday.  Yeah, an extra 24 hours to the weekend seems like a GREAT reason to celebrate.  Although, the more we think about this logic, it doesn't really make sense... does it?  Oh well, free beer is free beer, right?

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